Research is our superpower.

Closing more business will be yours.

Why do we invest so much in sales talent research?
To give your team every advantage.

Why do we invest so much in sales talent research?
To give your team every advantage.


or more of all sellers fail to make quota.

(2016 CSOi Sales Performance Optimization Study)


more revenue is generated by sales high performers than average performers.

(McKinsey’s 2016 War for Talent Study)

Each wrong hiring decision can add up to


or more in direct and indirect costs.

(Weinfurter. Second Stage Entrepreneurship. Palgrave 2013)

“We have partnered with GrowthPlay on various business development initiatives for our firm with great success. I see the GrowthPlay team to be amongst some of the best collaborators in working with internal business development professionals. They have been very effective in marrying their knowledge and expertise with the specific goals of the firm to achieve the best tailored results. ”

Melanie Green   |   Chief Client Development Officer, Faegre Baker Daniels

“They made business development approachable and achievable. I appreciate their realistic and basic approach to relationship building and understanding what people want. It’s the first time I’ve not dreaded business development, but instead, I’m thinking about it more as an exciting opportunity.”

Callie Sullins Whatley   |   Partner, Burr & Forman LLP

“Their professionals are so bright, current and cutting edge. As a result of their work with us, our attorneys are now thinking differently. They have become more purposeful in what they do, choosing wisely how they will invest their time and energy in expanding their practice. ”

Kim Brannon   |   Director of Marketing, Hill Ward Henderson