About GrowthPlay

Our story – About us

The intersection of the most scientific insight into sales performance with a passion for the human potential. We provide sales effectiveness solutions that unlock potential and fuel growth for organizations, teams, and individuals. Our holistic solutions include talent assessments, research-based analytics, training, and coaching.

Fresh perspective. Refreshing partnership.

GrowthPlay is helping people find their true selves so they can BE better salespeople, while leveraging analytics, coaching and training so they can DO what achieves results.

We have the most sophisticated science behind it. But most of all, GrowthPlay is fresh. Authentic. And generous. GrowthPlay disrupts the status quo by believing that personal and professional growth is fundamental to achieving revenue growth.

It’s a new kind of transaction that unlocks sales potential by realizing personal potential, and accelerates business development through personal and professional development.

Our mission: Fuel growth

This is why we get out of bed each day. It’s what drives us. By connecting our people with yours, we build the relationships essential to long-term growth.

Our vision: Elevate the act of selling to an act of service.

This vision guides everything we do. It enables each member of our team to fulfill our mission, one relationship at a time.