Our Team

Masters of the sales craft. And of one-on-one relationships.

We’re experts in sales, but our specialty is building authentic, one-on-one relationships. Each of us takes the time to understand your needs. We’ll work, side-by-side, with you, working as a partner in building revenue growth.

Alycia Sutor

Carolyn Sklar

Courtney Mohr

Deborah Knupp

Debra Baker

Denise Terry

Eric Dewey

Holly Barocio

Joe Nelson

Kelly Rizo

Sue Pearson

Tasneem Khokha

Toni Wells

The Trusted Advisors Who Help Drive Our Success.

Our mission is to elevate selling, making it an act of service for individuals, teams and organizations. The trusted members of our board lead us in that mission.

Courtney Mohr

Deborah Knupp

Eli Boufis

Mark Newton

Stephen Thompson

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