3 Surprising Truths About Sales Innovation

by Alycia Sutor /

At GrowthPlay, we use the Revenue Acceleration Framework™  methodology to help attorneys embrace sales innovation and supercharge their business development efforts. The RAF has six “areas” that power business development plans and activities: Target Market Analysis, Messaging, Relationship Building, Sales Pursuit & Closing, Client Experience and Innovation.

Revenue Acceleration Framework™


This last area, innovation, is the one most often misunderstood, ignored and even feared. But when we drill down on what sales innovation really means in the business development context, we can see that it’s not some separate initiative but instead grows from doing your work in more intentional ways. Here are three truths about how sellers innovate to drive client engagement and business development.

  1. Innovation is not about novelty. Sales innovation isn’t about inventing a shiny new object or offering a new-fangled technology (although it can include these things on occasion). Rather, it is simply thinking about what your clients don’t yet recognize, or what they need to understand in order to solve their current or future problems more proactively. True innovation is driven by the desired outcome, not the method you use to get there.


  1. You innovate when you seek new knowledge. In order to find solutions, we must first understand the true nature of the problems. A great business development coach will support lawyers in gathering information that will help them serve clients better. They might ask questions such as: What are the typical pitfalls for clients? What are the usual obstacles that prevent clients from achieving desired outcomes? What opportunities are clients missing out on because they are not prepared to seize them? What keeps them up at night? A deeper understanding of what clients want—and why they want it—is an essential step in the process of serving them better.


  1. Information leads to opportunities for engagement. The answers to the questions above often point to triggering opportunities where an attorney or other professional service provider might engage a prospect or client’s curiosity, confidence and desire for connection. These moments build credibility and accelerate a prospect’s willingness to engage in further discussion and ultimately purchase a service and provide referrals.


When we can isolate and identify some of the common problems clients face—and offer appealing solutions—we create opportunities for lawyers to demonstrate innovative thinking in the client experience. And that’s where true sales innovation takes shape.


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