A must-have checklist to provide better sales call feedback

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One way to improve your ability to retain your top sales talent is to regularly provide effective feedback through sales coaching sessions. Providing constructive and consistent feedback is an important part to of coaching your sales reps to success. Sitting in on sales calls can help you, as a sales leader, reinforce new methodologies and coach your reps to continually map their sales conversations to solving customer problems. Here’s a quick checklist of questions you can use to help you provide effective feedback.

  • What was the ratio of speaking to listening?
  • Did they adjust their message to the buying audience?
  • Did the rep ask open-ended, two-sided discovery questions?
  • What are the prospect’s largest technical and business problems? Has the rep uncovered them?
  • How well did the rep attach solutions to the biggest business problems?
  • How well did the rep implicate pains and uncover requirements before discussing solutions?

Effective coaching can mean the difference between a lost opportunity and a closed deal. Although it can absolutely help move a deal forward, evaluating a sales call is just one piece of the puzzle. Having a process to help you support individual and team performance can be invaluable to help you coach, motivate and lead a high-performing sales team. Best-in-class companies have clearly defined organizational responsibilities and measurements in place to evaluate performance. With the right insight and coaching tools to act on that knowledge, necessary improvements can be made quickly and sales forces can move forward, ready to succeed and create bottom-line impact.

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