Amid “disruption” buzz, leaders must consider how to build firms that last

by Deb Knupp /

For all the talk of how the traditional law firm model is being disrupted by this trend or that, the key challenge for leaders remains, as ever, how to build something that lasts, something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Though market dynamics might change and clients’ interests might shift, the definition of a great law firm is unchanged: it’s a business that creates long-term, time-tested results, which inspire growth, relevance and purpose beyond a single generation of leaders and professionals.  To put it more simply, it’s a place where clients want to buy, people want to work and leaders want to serve a bigger purpose.

At GrowthPlay, we’ve identified the five stages of how a law firm rises to greatness:

Stage 1 – Embedding a culture of core values that inspires loyalty from clients, employees and communities

Stage 2 – Fanatical discipline to the Three P’s (Preparation, Planning and Practice to hone execution and results)

Stage 3 – Regular sobriety and truth testing for continuous improvement

Stage 4 – Courage to foster learning and innovation from failure

Stage 5 – Leveraging leadership capacity at all levels that is rooted in humility and generosity born of success

Importantly, there’s plenty of available social science and business management research data behind this model.  But, perhaps even more importantly, for leaders in the midst of a struggle to stay relevant in this fast-changing market, our consultants and trainers have developed tools and tactics that can help increase profitable revenue, attract and retain exceptional talent and inspire leadership innovation.

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