Harnessing BD to build access and inclusion: why BD and D&I go together

by GrowthPlay Library /

There’s no argument that diversity and inclusion in law is a topic that is being discussed regularly of late.  Whether it’s the focus on the diversity – or lack thereof – of recent partner classes or the Open Letter call to action to increase diversity within client teams and whether or not action will truly be taken, people are watching, talking and talking some more.


So, there has never been a more opportune time or a bigger business imperative for the business development professionals in law firms to be developing strong alliances with their diversity and inclusion colleagues.  With more intentional collaboration, firms stand to:

  • Educate more of their business developers about the opportunities that diversity & inclusion creates to win more business
  • Prepare attorneys to pursue and win that work successfully through collaborative effort
  • Showcase how business development itself can be used as vehicle to create more inclusion for a broader number of skills and people


To learn more, you may want to read this article, by Managing Director Alycia Sutor, that recently appeared in the January issue of Of Counsel magazine to see what opportunities and ideas can be sparked when law firm BD and D&I professionals team up.