“Play your position”: How firm leaders can develop effective sellers and maximize talent

by Holly Barocio /

Attorneys face a challenge unique within the business world. They must perform both tasks central to business development: performing excellent service (doing) and acquiring new clients in need of service (selling). As law firm leaders look to the future, how can they approach managing and developing their attorneys to be effective doers and sellers? Our webinar “Play Your Position” offers tools in two management areas:

Philosophies of Effective Selling

A successful plan begins with building your attorneys’ knowledge of effective selling. Selling requires the development of authentic relationships with prospective clients—a process that takes time and doesn’t always yield immediate results. Providing solutions to problems that need to be solved, and understanding that how you do what you do is as important as what you accomplish, are two ways to nurture these crucial relationships. A host of qualifiers will impact the path from first contact to closing the deal: the client’s problem, the solutions you propose, the sense of urgency, your access to the tools you need to solve it, the client’s expectations, and of course the budget. Anticipating each of these factors is key to successfully negotiating this path.

Talent Analytics

Effective law firm leaders use data and analysis to inform decisions about how to best utilize their attorneys’ capabilities and capacities. Identifying factors that statistically predict success in a given role allows leaders to put the right people in the right roles, develop internal talent for future needs, select and retain new talent, and align talent strategy with firm objectives. We’ve identified six distinct roles attorneys play in the business development process, from those who develop, nurture, and make connections between relationships to those who develop new services, provide thought leadership, and coach others in their work.

For more information on these six business development roles and how to utilize them in your firm, watch our webinar here.