Purple Unicorns: Why You Should Stop Searching for the Ideal Sales Candidate

by Tracey Wik /

Purple Unicorns

Looking for Purple Unicorns?


Let’s talk about purple unicorns. A purple unicorn is that ideal sales candidate that everybody’s trying to find. The ones who are competitive, can work a room, and do everything, except the problem is they don’t exist.


How to Select a Sales Force that Sells



Rather than living in hope and waiting for that person to show up, the right person with the ideal characteristics, GrowthPlay has a framework that can help you understand what’s most important for the sales role that you’re hiring for, aligning it to the marketplace and finding the things that are most important – and to have that individual be the one for you. Rather than living in hope waiting for that purple unicorn to arrive, talk to us about how to find the right person for the roles that you’re hiring for.



Strengths, Styles, and Skills: A Triple Fit Approach to Sales Talent

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