Law 2023 Update #7: Research and innovation shaped client experience of legal products?

by Deb Knupp /

For the next several weeks on the blog, we’re going check in on the progress of predictions made by the groundbreaking guide to the future of law firms, Law 2023. Check out all our updates here.

We’re halfway to 2023. Let’s check in on how user research and innovation are impacting client experience in the legal field.

The prediction: Firms will make use of a deeper understanding of users’ experience to anticipate clients’ future needs. The firms that are best at this will build innovation pipelines around their understanding of entire industries, approaching their clients with new opportunities instead of simply reacting to their problems.

Where we are today: Of all the principles, this is the one where law firms are really recognizing and spending energy investing wisely in client experience tools.

What it looks like so far: Firms are working in new ways to understand how clients utilize, experience, or make purchasing decisions and how they receive value through client service. This is happening in the form of portals, playbooks, and client feedback, and we are seeing big investments in these to enhance client experience, pricing, client appreciation, relationship, and communication. Standout firms are the ones thinking about all this from a business development and marketing perspective.

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