Supporting and Celebrating the Movement for Emotional Well-Being in Law

by Alycia Sutor /

Emotional Well-BeingMay marks Mental Health Awareness month.


Our team is encouraged by the additional focus that is being put on mental health in the legal profession in recent months and particularly this month.  Some of the experts, resources, events and conversations taking place include the following:



At GrowthPlay, we know that promoting well-being of people is not just a feel good, nice thing to do, but is actually an underlying driver of growth and success for high-performing organizations.  In professional services firms, our biggest asset is the ability of our people to sustainably contribute their best work in service to their clients and teams.


Firms who are exceling are building growth plans designed to maximize results in three areas:

  • Profitability – creating conditions where the right clients want to hire the firm
  • People – helping employees be the best versions of themselves
  • Purpose – aligning the work being done to the things that bring meaning and purpose to clients, employees and the communities we serve


We celebrate that May puts particular focus on the People element of sustainable growth and we hope that all law firms will keep the conversation and priorities around mental health and well-being at the forefront throughout the whole year.