Chally Assessment™

Take the guesswork out of sales talent management




GrowthPlay’s Chally Assessment provides quick, easy access to valid, specific predictions of sales capacity and insights into the competencies and motives of your candidates and current client-facing staff.

  • Built for the future of selling
  • Based on extensive ongoing research
  • Library of 135 competencies
  • Measures sales, service & leadership aptitude
  • Available online 24/7
  • Cloud-based and optimized for mobile devices
  • Can integrate with your ATS or HRMS
  • Offers instant access to a wide array of reports
  • Available via subscription or bundle options

GrowthPlay’s Chally Assessment™

The Chally Assessment is based on extensive and ongoing research conducted over a period of decades. It leverages more than 400 proprietary validation studies to accurately predict on-the-job performance for professional sellers, sales leaders, and doer-sellers alike. Our research and analytics team continues the research today, leveraging state-of-the-science techniques to ensure our findings and tools stay current.

Based on research, backed by science.
Nothing compares. The Chally Assessment stands alone.








Years of


One Million+






Benefits and Business Outcomes

Hold others accountable

Identify the factors that statistically predict success in each role


Hold others accountable

Gain a viewpoint of the capacity of your sales force compared to what is needed


Hold others accountable

Increase your sales managers' ability to select, develop, and retain sales talent


Hold others accountable

Facilitate putting the right employees in the right jobs


Hold others accountable

Identify and develop internal talent for future needs


Hold others accountable

Align your talent strategy with your goals and go-to-market strategy


The questions you ask are the problems we solve.

Hearth & Home Technologies

"Chally assessment data has been an instrumental part of our transformation of sales talent management. We have leveraged Chally data to help us segment our current sales talent and have also expanded our use of the Chally Assessment to help us select new sales talent. There is no question that the insights we’re deriving from the data are enabling our sales leaders to make better decisions about talent—whether it’s focusing on the right development priorities or hiring the right sales talent."

- Hearth & Home Technologies

Hearth & Home Technologies

"The Chally tool assists in making better selection decisions and is also useful in the onboarding of new hires."

- Cardinal Health NPS

"There are those that I speak to about using an assessment in the interviewing process that say they can’t afford it, it’s too expensive. To them I say, ‘It’s not a matter that you can’t afford to do it, it’s that you can’t afford not to.’ When you look at the true cost of a bad hire (especially in your sales organization), the Chally Assessment™ is a small investment to serve as a tool to help you make the right decision."

- Employee Resources Association

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