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An assessment that takes you outside the box

Conventional wisdom says the best sales professionals are hard-driving individuals who can drum up business, develop opportunities, and close deals like crazy. Unfortunately, that bit of conventional wisdom is debatable, according to extensive research conducted by Chally Group Worldwide.

Chally research found the most successful companies have organizations that are extremely complex with a surprisingly large number of distinct sales and marketing roles. While many of those job roles have a superficial similarity, the types of activities and behaviors that prove successful vary widely.

A look at who fits where.

While a few roles may demand some stereotypical go-getter sales behavior, other roles are just as likely to favor employees with less showy strengths, such as strong analytical skills, the ability to empathize with customer problems, or a deep understanding of complex business issues. Because of this, few, if any, individuals are likely to be successful in more than a few of these many roles. This is important, because many companies, when faced with market changes or difficult economic times, tend to pluck top performers from their jobs and reassign them to roles with markedly different requirements, assuming they will flourish in their new positions. However, the characteristics that make individuals successful in one role may not help them succeed in another.

Through a series of more than 400 validation studies conducted over several decades, Chally Group identified the types of characteristics, skills, and traits needed to distinguish high-performing individuals from poor performers in 14 sales and sales management positions. Chally researchers then evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of these top performers and statistically compared them to the requirements for each of the 14 positions. The results showed the likelihood of top producers repeating their success in another role is slim.

Making the right match.

GrowthPlay now leverages the power of the Chally research to help companies segment sales roles, starting with major classifications (i.e., hunter vs. farmer, outside sales vs. inside sales). This leads to the development of specific role profiles to match people and markets. Our Chally assessment reports and talent audits then provide evidence-based recommendations for staffing, deploying, and training sales resources based on their specific selling roles.

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