The Employee Lifecycle

Turning insights into action


Data from the GrowthPlay Chally Assessment can be used across the lifecycle of the employee. Each of the Chally Assessment reports have been designed to provide detailed information in a simple format.

Recruiting & Selection

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Make better hires


Onboarding & Development

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Unlock potential and improve performance


Performance Management & Succession Planning

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Build a more competitive sales force


“Many companies (56%) are beginning to use predictive assessments, leading to an increase in confidence in their talent being successful in the future.” – CSO Insights

“Those that use these tools consistently show superior attrition, confidence in talent and quota attainment compared to those not using such tools.” – CSO Insights

“Use of predictive assessments continues to grow, with another 13.4% planning to implement in the next 12 months. “ – CSO Insights

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