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GrowthPlay provides industry-leading research, predictive talent analytics, and advisory services to businesses globally. We work with our customers to ensure they have the data needed to grow sales and make informed, evidence-based sales talent management decisions.

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What Makes Us Different
Our expertise is your advantage

We Specialize in Sales

GrowthPlay gets sales. We’ve lived it. We built our business model around it. We know what it takes to run and grow a successful sales organization. Our experience working with sales organizations spans size of company, industry, segment, private or public.

We have been contributing innovative points-of-view to the discipline of sales for over four decades. Our World Class Sales Research database contains results from interviewing 80,000 business decision-makers across 7,300 sales organizations. We also conducted more than 400 studies to create the industry’s largest database of 135 predictive sales, service, and sales management competencies.


The Predictive Power of Our Assessment

GrowthPlay’s Chally Assessment measures an individual’s aptitude, motivations, and traits in order to predict on-the-job behaviors and natural capacity for specific sales, service, and sales management roles.

Our pre-hire assessment far surpasses personality tests and traditional interviewing techniques for predicting capacity for success in specific roles. Learn more


Our Efficient, Effective Role Analysis Process

Our third key differentiator is the way we analyze roles. The industry standard role profiling analysis involves a long, labor intensive, costly, and judgment-laden process of interviews. Our approach is a good deal more structured and efficient. Four decades of data about thousands of roles in thousands of organizations shows that there are only 18 distinctly different families of sales, service, and sales management roles. We can place a client’s position in the correct role family by asking no more than eight questions. Once a position is categorized, we know what the best predictors of success will be.

This process allows clients the option of profiling their own roles with the same confidence in the results as if we did the work for them. The bottom-line is an efficient, effective, and much lower cost process.


Chally Benchmark-Profile-Library


Our Technology

Our cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform lets you profile sales roles, assess incumbents and applicants, and generate a wide array of simple, clean, easy-to-read reports to gain insights that drive sustainable, profitable revenue growth.

Our intuitive user interface enables you to administer assessments after just a few minutes of introductory training. You’ll also have instant access to numerous types of reports once an assessment is complete.


GrowthPlay’s Collaborative Consulting Approach

GrowthPlay isn’t in business to sell assessments. Our assessment and reports are simply a tool we offer to help you gain insight about your sales talent.

Our team of consultants, client services managers, and data analysts help you use your data to shed light on your questions about your people. We sit side-by-side with you to help you determine if your challenges stem from problems with attracting, hiring, motivating, developing, or deploying people and then decide what to do about it.

Unlike other consulting firms, we partner with you along the way.  We put your needs first. Our processes are transparent and our people are generous. Our goal is to teach you to fish and to be here when you need advice.

“The GP team has been a true partner all along the way in terms of incorporating our needs into how we manage this initiative. The caliber and intelligence of the GP team members was amazing. That has helped us build credibility with our business stakeholders.”

- Christine Nicholl, Organizational Development, Heitman

“The GP team has been a true partner all along the way. I almost felt like they were part of our team. They knew us, they understood us. Across the board all of senior management thought they were one of the best groups of consultants with worked with.”

- Deborah A. Thompson-Widmer, Vice-President, Sales, NRCCUA

“There are a lot of sales consultants out there. I’ve met a lot of them. At the end of the day, GrowthPlay is the only one who clearly understands what it takes to grow and manage a successful sales organization.”

- Pedro Guerrero, Guerrero Howe Custom Media

“What GrowthPlay gave Axios was the confidence to take our intuition and the data and refine our approach to take action quickly.”

- Blythe Kazmierczak

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