Case study

The client

The client uses third-party call centers to take customer service calls. This project was aimed to get an offshore call center partner to improve lead generation efforts on a specific new product introduction. The six teams targeted, totaling 84 agents, were not in sales (billing and repair/ troubleshooting), but are expected to transition from a customer service call to a sales opportunity when appropriate. The goal was to help this group make the transition fluidly.

The business challenge

The entire call center struggled with sales performance around the new product and had previously received little or no support. In addition to gaps in product knowledge, the group was contending with cultural gaps, as the Filipino agents did not fully understand how the product was used.

The target teams outperformed the control groups in the center six-to-one during the program.

Driving value for the client

To improve understanding, GrowthPlay designed a six-week program with the following elements:

  • Leadership Development: The first two weeks focused on getting the supervisors (team leads) comfortable with a facilitated leadership approach. They participated in modules designed to improve their skills so they could sustain the efforts at the end of the six-week program.
  • Structured Team Interactions: Built structure for and hosted learning checkpoints two times per week. The sessions were designed to discuss successes, address challenges, and identify best practices around converting the lead.
  • Live Coaching Interactions: Consistent daily monitoring of calls side-by-side with agents to identify and reinforce best practices and address agent challenges.
  • Engagement Incentives: Introduced small-value rewards (raffles, on the-spot prizes) based on appropriate behaviors and participation, not outcomes. The goal was to encourage agents to attempt best practices that were working for their peers.

Measurable results

  • The six targeted teams improved lead generation efforts by 13x during the six- week period.
  • The target teams outperformed the control groups in the center six-to-one during the program.
  • Pilot teams posted an 11.3% increase in sales of other products during the program as compared to the control group.