Case study

The Client and Business Challenge

The client, a consumer technology provider, introduced a new support and warranty service to support its core offerings. This ancillary service was launched to all channels, but there was no strategic vision for enabling the channels or managing performance. The service had some early sales success, but sales had stagnated and started to decline.

Driving Value for the Client

GrowthPlay focused on isolating the most critical sales channels and customizing an engagement strategy to the specific customer types and conversations. With that strategy in mind, the following elements were built to drive engagement:

  • Custom Message and Materials – GrowthPlay worked with frontline teams to identify the most successful value messages for the product. The focus shifted from features and benefits to identifying distinct “pain points” the customers were experiencing. All materials were customized for the channel (sales, customer care, etc.). The timing and messaging were different based on when and how they were interacting with customers.
  • Branded Campaign – The engagement effort had a custom theme that tied in with the year-end holidays when customers would be playing with new consumer electronics. The theme extended to multiple media, including fliers, posters and microsites.
  • Program Launch Events – Hosted on-site kickoffs for all locations, which included sales material distribution, engagement incentives and interactive sessions to discuss the product positioning.
  • Daily/Weekly Checkpoints – For the frontline salespeople, the program included daily updates on a microsite. The updates included features on best practices and announcements of prizing/rewards for top performers. For the leadership teams, GrowthPlay hosted weekly conference calls for each sales site to identify successes and help overcome challenges

After 30 days, sustained performance indicated an improvement in skills and behaviors, which drove a significant ROI for the client.

Measurable Results

  • 35% increase with sales for product comparing to 90 days after program launch to previous 90-day trend.
  • 90-day program resulted in an improvement in skills and behaviors, which drove a significant ROI for the client.

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