Case study

The client

The client, a national cable and telecom provider, had launched a new core product within the company’s portfolio. Their inbound sales team (3,000+ agents) was viewed as the primary selling channel, but the client struggled to get its teams to adopt the new service. Front line salespeople were confused about the product and unsure how to work it into conversations with customers.

The business challenge

The objective of the effort was to help inbound call center agents offer the new product, without it feeling like an afterthought in the conversation (“do you want fries with that?”).

“It’s important to help inbound call center agents introduce a new product without it feeling like an afterthought in the conversation.”

Driving value for the client

GrowthPlay built a sales plan geared toward helping frontline supervisors identify and coach bestselling techniques based on the company’s existing sales model.

  • Simplified Message: The main value proposition for the product was simplified so salespeople could easily digest and convey the message to buyers.
  • Interactive Learning Sessions: Every supervisor received a physical kit with materials for three interactive team learning sessions that incorporated the simplified messages. The kits contained everything the supervisor would need to easily execute the sessions, including:
    • Detailed agendas for each session
    • Instructions and hand-outs for all role plays and activities
    • All handouts on the topic (no more than one page per session)
  • Program Launch Events: GrowthPlay visited each inbound sales call center and hosted a kickoff for supervisors. The event consisted of live demonstrations of each session, Q&A about the process, and one-on-one coaching with supervisors on facilitating the sessions.
  • Weekly Checkpoints: GrowthPlay hosted weekly calls with leadership from each call center. The goals of the calls were to:
    • Ensure rollouts were on schedule
    • Answer questions about the program
    • Identify best practices from sessions
    • Recognize progress in performance

Measurable results

  • 68% quarter-over-quarter increase in sales for the new product line
  • $625,000 in incremental annual recurring revenue through improved performance during 90-day rollout period