Business Outcomes

For more than 45 years, clients have been using the Chally Assessment™ to inform talent management decisions. GrowthPlay’s research team conducted return on Investment (ROI) analyses for a variety of clients to examine the impact that using the Chally Assessment has on business outcomes.


SALES REVENUE: $18 Million/Year

Higher-scoring sales consultant workforce at an international mortgage lender ESTIMATED to generate additional $18 million in annual revenue.

Sales consultants at an international mortgage lending institution who were recommended on the Chally Assessment averaged over $30,000 more in monthly sales. Across the sales consultant workforce, this increase amounts to over $18 million in additional annual sales.

SALES REVENUE: $1.5 Million/Year

Technology solutions company’s high-scoring account executives generated 23% or $1.5 million more revenue.

At a technology solutions company, account executives who were recommended on the Chally profile generated 23% more revenue than those who were not recommended. These findings were prior to account executives achieving full ramp-up and are equivalent to $1.5 million in additional revenue.

PRODUCTIVITY: 23% Increase

Freight brokerage firm’s high-scoring account executives were 23% more productive and generated 20% more revenue.

Account executives at a freight brokerage firm who were recommended on the Chally profile facilitated 23% more freight movements than those who were not recommended. In addition, high-scoring account executives also generated 20% more revenue.

SALES: 74% Increase

Sales professionals at a waste management company achieve 74% higher sales plan percentages.

At a waste management company, sales professionals who earned high scores on the Chally position profile achieved on average 74% higher attainment against their sales plans. Improvements of this magnitude were found in both stable and growth territories.

Business Outcomes By Industry

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