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45 years of client success

See what our clients say about GrowthPlay’s Chally Assessment

  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency
  • Improves Our Hiring Process
  • Delivers Accurate and Compelling Data for Better Performance Predictability
  • Enriches Quality of Data with World Class Research
  • Is Comprehensive, Much More than a Personality Test
  • Ensures We Are Completely Satisfied
  • Is Great Value, Saves Money

“The greatest value I’ve seen in working with GrowthPlay is their ability to focus on strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and where we should develop each individual contributor. It takes the person and sees them in a different light. It’s not how they are doing in their current job, it’s how can we develop them and make them truly ready to hit the ground running in their next job. GrowthPlay was able to be a strong partner and help our organization get where we needed to go.”
– FedEx Services


“The GrowthPlay Chally Assessment has given me so much comfort when it comes to hiring our sales reps. I think one of the most crucial things that I love working with the GrowthPlay Chally Assessment is the ability for us to truly have a correlation between sales success and the competencies.”
– Pharmaceutical Company

“People are our most important resource. WinWhole­sale has used the Chally Assessment as an additional data point in our recruiting process. It allows us to understand candidates at a deeper level and ensure the success of the people we hire and the success of our company.”
– WinWholesale


“Having a highly focused consultative sales force is crit­ical to success as a distributor. Over my 25 years within distribution, I have experienced the value and accuracy that the Chally Assessment delivers to their clients. GrowthPlay knows Sales and Distribution.”
– Hillyard, Inc.

“From a project management standpoint, GrowthPlay is easy to work with and provides an outstanding level of support. When issues or problems arise, our Client Services Representative steps in quickly and effectively to help us get back on track.”
– Hearth & Home Technologies


“GrowthPlay has done a great job, through their many years of research, of determining what skills are true predictors of success in a given position, and which skills aren’t. By looking at tens of thousands of highly successful sales representatives, GrowthPlay has isolated those skills that are accurate predictors of success and has structured an assessment that’s efficient at determining if a candidate possesses those skills.”
– Employers Resource Association

“We were looking for a validated selection tool that would be predictive, meet EEOC requirements, and really work. The Chally Assessment has proven to be one of the most valuable aspects to us. We are very satisfied with the accuracy, because we know through a validation study that it is indeed accurate and predictive.”
– KI


“We performed the Talent Audit because we had a team that was new to the region and we had no idea what their skill sets were. We ran their scores against several competencies, and we were able to create individual course curricula to address areas where they scored high and low. This became part of an accreditation program where they are completing courses to develop their specific skill sets to be a successful manager in the field. There are a lot of assessment companies out there but all of them failed to provide an aggregate report like Chally does. Chally’s individual reports were also amaz­ing. We appreciated the coaching tips which allowed the supervisors to work with the individuals on specific development opportunities.”
– Verizon

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