Sales Candidate Assessment

Use objective evidence to make the right sales hiring decisions

The Chally Assessment gives you quick, easy access to reliable predictions of sales capacity. With our selection reports, you’ll know at a glance if a candidate is a good fit for your role. The report then gives you details on the competencies and motives of the candidate along with what behaviors you can expect him/her to demonstrate on the job.

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Is selling complex software solutions to senior executives the same as selling products over the phone? The answer, of course, is no. The reality is that most organizations have four to six different types of sales roles. The key to successful sales hiring lies in identifying the competencies and behaviors that statistically differentiate between top and bottom performers for a specific position and then using objective evidence to determine if your candidate has the aptitude to succeed in that role.



In a hurry? Utilize the Chally Assessment benchmark profiles to start right away.

Our Signature Profiles are based on extensive, ongoing research and statistical validation studies. This research has allowed us to identify the attributes that reliably predict performance for 18 benchmark sales, service, and sales management roles.

  • 1. Browse the Signature Profiles Benchmark Library
  • 2. Select Your Profiles & Meet with a Client Services Manager
  • 3. Get Trained on Using the Survey Platform
  • 4. Start Launching Assessments & Running Reports

Looking for custom selection reports? We’ve got you covered.

Our team of I/O psychologists, data analysts, and consultants can conduct local validation studies to identify the unique competencies that correlate with success in specific positions at your company.

Job Analysis


GrowthPlay consultants conduct structured interviews with your subject matter experts (SMEs)




Administer Chally Assessment to group of 85+ ramped-up employees in the same role


Performance Data


Collect performance ratings and metrics for the assessed incumbents


Statistical Analysis


Correlate performance metrics and assessment results to identify the competencies that differentiate top and bottom performers


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