Competency Based Interviews

Conduct a structured interview every time

GrowthPlay offers competency-based interview guides as well as our Interview Toolkit to assist clients in implementing a structured, scorable interview process.


Interview Guide

GrowthPlay creates competency-based Interview Guides for each of the critical success competencies that have been identified for each role or position. When using our guides, the interviewer asks open-ended questions which focus on characteristics sought in the candidate. An alternate set of questions for each of the critical success skills is also available so if there is more than one person interviewing a candidate, you will automatically have questions for both people responsible for interviewing. Both forms of the guide include a rating scale to score answers.

Interview Toolkit

Our Interview Toolkit provides information on basic techniques that can increase confidence in the outcome of the interview process. It covers the key factors that research has shown to be most useful and beneficial when trying to hire the right people.

GrowthPlay encourages clients to consider balanced, multi-phase systems for the most effective candidate selection results. We recommend the “30-30-30-10 Rule” be followed. Thirty percent of a final selection should be based on predictive assessment results, 30% on background information and reference checks, 30% based on structured interview results, and the final 10% on perceived fit with the company’s culture.

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