Sales Transformation

Build a more capable, competitive sales force

As your sales strategy evolves, it’s important to ensure you have the right sales talent in place for how you plan to go to market. After all, the team that got you where you are today may not be the team you need to succeed in the future.

At GrowthPlay, we help our clients transform sales by identifying the right sales roles to execute their sales strategy and then aligning their sales talent to those roles. As a result, clients are able to deploy a high capacity sales force that drives revenue growth.

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Unlocking insights from more than four decades of studying World Class Sales organizations.

With over 45 years of World Class Sales Research with 80,000 business decision-maker interviews from 7,300 sales organizations, we know what it takes to align your firm’s sales approach to your market. We also know what it takes for each individual seller to succeed in their roles.  More than 400 studies went into creating our library of 100+ predictive competencies. Over 1,000,000 people have completed our assessment, giving us 400 million+ data points.

The Chally Assessment™ provides you with data on your team’s capacity for current and possible future roles. By leveraging results from our Chally Assessment Talent Audit, we make it easy to determine whether you have the sales talent you need to succeed. GrowthPlay consultants then work with your sales leaders, sales enablement and human resource professionals to draw insight from your organization’s data and turn insight into action. We offer more than assessments & analytics – we advise, consult, and create tools that turn your sales transformation into reality.

How we’ll help you transform your sales organization.


Identify shifts in your markets and evolving buyer needs.



Ensure you have the optimal sales roles in place for each market you serve.



Identify the competencies that predict success in each role.



Use the Chally Assessment to gauge the capacity of your existing sales organization.



Interpret and utilize results to prioritize actions at the organization or team level.


“Markets have no responsibility to be kind to your firm’s strategy and sales approach. It is leadership’s responsibility to adapt to markets and develop the competencies required today, not yesterday.”
– The Best Way to Hire Salespeople, Harvard Business Review

Ask yourself:

Hold others accountable

Are you still using the same sales approach you used 5 years ago?


Hold others accountable

Has your market shifted?


Hold others accountable

Is your sales talent plan based on an outdated market approach?


Hold others accountable

Do you know where your market is headed in the future?


Hold others accountable

Do you have the right roles in place today to reach the buyers you want to tomorrow?


Hold others accountable

Do you have the right talent on your team?


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