Sales Talent Audit

Objective data for sales talent management

Most organizations have identified sales talent management as a strategic priority. However, making effective decisions about sales talent is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, and not tailored to specific sales roles. You need objective, relevant data to support accurate sales talent decisions.

A Chally Assessment Sales Talent Audit provides you with data on your team’s competencies and overall sales capacity. A Talent Audit provides a complete list of strengths and developmental opportunities for employees in any client-facing role and enables you to view data by individual, role, team, or function.

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What is a Talent Audit?


A Chally Assessment Sales Talent Audit is an inventory of natural strengths and development opportunities for all sales representatives across every sales position, within every team, or across the whole organization.  Since no one person can be successful in every role, our Talent Audit also compares multiple individuals across multiple roles to identify where their skills best match the company’s needs.

By implementing a Talent Audit, businesses can:

A Talent Audit can help you answer questions such as:

  • Can the team we have in place now adjust to selling differently in the future?
  • Who has the capacity to perform in which sales positions?
  • Are our people in roles that leverage their strengths?
  • What development and support do our salespeople need to succeed?
  • Who are our future sales managers?

Talent Audit Business Applications

  • Gain insight into the capacity and potential of individuals within your organization
  • Help align people to the right role
  • Pinpoint natural strengths and potential gaps for more efficient, cost-saving training
  • Gather data on the effectiveness of your talent acquisition processes and sources of talent
  • Assist in setting up a high potential/succession planning program

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