The right guidance for
the people who drive growth.

The problems we solve for sales leaders.

“My team isn’t making quota and I’m not sure how to get there.”

“We are shifting our go-to-market strategy. I need to know if my people have the ability to learn to sell in new ways.”

“I need to upskill my sellers to keep pace with changes in our market.”

“I am not sure I have the right people in sales roles.”

“We’re too focused on selling products instead of solving our customers’ problems.”

“We don't develop our people, so turnover is killing us.”

Your key to sustainable growth.

Managing sales talent is a top priority for businesses that aim to create sustainable, measurable growth. Whether you lead a flourishing startup or the sales function of a multi-national corporation, you’ll find that success is driven by the type of people representing your organization.

Continual research. Continuous success.

GrowthPlay continually researches the requirements of today’s sales forces based on the changing needs of the buyer and provides research, analytics and consulting services to help you improve the effectiveness of your sales and customer facing teams.

Research & advisory services for sales leaders

Creating aligned, effective sales teams



Establish discipline and consistency in sales activities to drive predictable revenue




Align pre-sales, sales, and sales support teams to create effective business development functions




Identify the attributes that predict success in each role


Leaders who develop winning teams

Recognize key


Understand their key drivers so they can identify, prioritize, align, and invest in the best areas for future growth




Develop employees in critical competencies and skills required for success


Coach for results


Improve how sales managers coach and develop others to achieve greater sales results


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