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Jasmin Cruz

Senior Sales Talent Consultant

As a Senior Sales Talent Consultant for GrowthPlay’s Sales Talent Consulting practice, Jasmin’s focus is on helping clients realize the potential of their salespeople to unleash their capabilities and activate their capacity. Through a passion for self-awareness and applying strengths, she guides and empowers front-line sellers to succeed by achieving the best for themselves, their clients, and their organizations.

Jasmin is a fun-loving, diligent, results-driven professional whose experience in high velocity sales, recruitment and selection of sales talent professionals, and leadership coaching has led to a career in sales effectiveness. Jasmin’s background includes 15 years in sales, over 10 years in the telecommunications industry, and more than 5 years in training and development. She has advised and managed projects addressing challenges many companies face today, such as employee engagement, retention, culture changes, communication gaps, and revenue acceleration. In her work, she provides clients data analyses assistance, powerful tools and solutions to drive change and sales success. Clients say that she is dependable, always shows up with a smile, and remains positive even when faced with adverse or challenging conditions. She strongly believes in collaboration and lives the saying: Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Jasmin graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA degree in Psychology/HRD. Her family is originally from the Dominican Republic, she was raised in Queens, NY, until her teenage years when she relocated to Florida where she resides today. As a working mom, her downtime is filled with love, laughter, and plenty of cardio by maintaining a household, running after her 3-year-old daughter and keeping health and fitness as a priority.

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