Imagine if selling your services were
as natural as delivering on them.

A tale of two roles:
You’re great at what you do.
You can be great at business development too.

Not everyone who generates revenue is called a “salesperson.” Many attorneys not only practice their craft every day, they also must develop and sell the work. And often these experts don’t like it or feel out of depth. GrowthPlay’s proven proprietary methodologies enable these doer-sellers to build their businesses as successfully as they practice their disciplines.



Learn how to implement a successful business
development training program for your lawyers.


It starts with getting real.

Doer-sellers often believe they lack expertise in business development, or simply don’t like it. So we start with something they rightly know and value: themselves and their abilities. With our approach, we show them how to use their specific natural capabilities to build their practice and outperform their goals. We help them rise to new levels of profitability – along with a rise in purpose and meaning.

It accelerates when it becomes an act of service.

You’ll build business-generation on a solid foundation of service. Service that provides solutions from a place of generosity. Service rooted in business relationship value that is authentic. And real.

It’s all in the way we work with you.

At GrowthPlay, we equip your key decision makers with insight into what drives your growth, so you can identify, prioritize, align with, and invest in the best areas for future growth. Then we work alongside your doer-sellers, helping them:


Equip individual attorneys with greater business development skills and acumen to improve individual revenue generation



Help individuals successfully cross-sell all of the firm’s services



Establish discipline and consistency in your business development activities to drive greater predictability in revenue



Align individual business developers into effective business development teams (e.g., client teams, practice teams, and
industry teams)



Manage, coach and mentor others to achieve greater business development results


Proven structure, expert practitioners, a personalized approach – and a joyful mission.



  • Practices developed by working with hundreds of thousands of professional sellers inform our methodology


  • Extensive experience with doer-sellers at large, mid-size and small firms
  • Fully tailored for the legal services world


  • Deep expertise in business development and business development coaching
  • Deep expertise in legal services
  • Joyful to work with

Learn more about our 6-step

Revenue Acceleration Framework.

Integrated suite of services for all your needs.

Engage individuals

Business development
training workshops

Sales/business development best practices


Capability activation, skill building & coaching

Activate teams

Sales leader

Equipping leadership to empower professionals


Aligning team members for disciplined execution

Optimize firm


Identifying and prioritizing a firm’s drivers and priorities to get, grow and guard revenue


Enabling lawyers to adapt and change to evolving client needs

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Results you can expect.

Increase revenue.

  • Acquire new income sources and new clients
  • Discover additional sources of business from existing clients
  • Improve individual business development productivity

Reduce the cost of sales.

  • Focus on qualified opportunities and eliminate time spent with unqualified prospects
  • Generate leads cost effectively
  • Boost efficiency in internal coordination, communication and collaboration

Shorten the sales cycles and improve close ratios.

  • Focus on lead generation that puts professionals in front of actual prospects
  • Give doer-sellers goals and a task-oriented business development plan with accountability for performance

Improve your return.

  • Get revenue pay-back on fees, generally within 90 days
  • Generate anecdotal return on investment (ROI) and return on energy (ROE) that establish:
    • A business development culture focused on relationship building and problem-solving
    • A shift in thinking that makes business development rewarding and do-able rather than distasteful and uncomfortable
    • True cross-servicing opportunities and collaboration across practice areas
    • A process and framework to create sustainable change over the course of careers
    • Greater business continuity during periods of team transitions (including partner retirement, cross-selling opportunities, and lateral hiring)