Imagine if selling your services were
as natural as delivering on them.

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Training Workshops

Training workshops

To succeed long-term, you must learn to be both a doer and a seller. You must become aware that selling is just a process, and it is driven by simple steps. It’s about knowing what behaviors and habits will have the greatest impact and then tailoring them to drive individual success. GrowthPlay’s training curriculum jumpstarts results. It introduces your doer-sellers to best practices and combines them with opportunities for planning and action that they can put to immediate use.

Our highly effective core training workshops include:

  • Client experience: Taking client service to the next level
  • Compelling communication and storytelling
  • Create a game plan for relationship building
  • Finding Authentic Boldness (FAB)
  • Networking: Live & online
  • Rainmaker best practices
  • The five myths and truths of cross-selling
  • The power of personal branding
  • Winning work: An intensive

Business development coaching

Athletes know performance coaching can make the difference between good results and great results. GrowthPlay’s highly experienced coaches work with doer-sellers and those who support them to improve, hone and accelerate sales results. We can structure these coaching services to provide one-on-one support, or we can work with groups, blending team-based learning and knowledge sharing with individual development.

Revenue acceleration playbooks

Revenue acceleration playbooks are the connective tissue between your firm’s strategic growth focus and the efforts of individual business developers. Through the creation of a playbook, individual business units — which can include practice groups, industry groups, and client teams — define the way in which each unit creates, delivers and communicates value. In doing so, they accelerate their growth by ensuring they focus on the right target markets, leverage the strengths of the entire team, and maintain a consistent approach and message when engaging with clients.

Sales leader development

Leading and supporting other doer-sellers isn’t always easy. As with business development itself, it is often not intuitive or obvious how to teach, train and coach others to be better business developers. GrowthPlay offers support to player-coaches and the marketing and business development professionals who support doer-sellers, helping improve their effectiveness in leading others to reach business development outcomes. Your organization can rely on GrowthPlay for sales leadership training, coaching and coach-in-residence certification in the GrowthPlay methodology.

Growth mapping

Growth mapping is an outside-in approach that enables you to assess your firm’s growth drivers. This helps clarify goals, uncover high-value opportunities to achieve those goals, and identify the organizational systems that will ensure the firm’s strategic plan is both actionable and achievable. Growth Mapping aligns leadership around priorities and opportunities to identify where to grow, get and guard business.

Innovation mapping

Innovation mapping helps you position your company’s talent and process in a way that generates fresh thinking around the client experience and service offerings. It fosters breakthrough ideas that ensure you deliver even greater value. Through Innovation Mapping, you can shift your firm’s mindset, approach and the way you measure success, unlocking potential for greater creativity and collaboration while driving new growth and revenue opportunities.